Nails Without Nail Art Tools! 5 Nail Art Designs!

Nail Art! Nails without Nail Art Tools. I show 5 easy nail art designs for beginners. You don’t need any professional nail art tools to make any of these 5 nail art designs. This is already my 4th nail tutorial of this kind. For these five easy nail art designs you will only need a nail polish brush… and a toothpick for some dots. This nail art tutorial shows these nail art designs step by step and everyone can make them at home. Nail designs are easy, simple, perfect for nail art beginners, they look great on short nails and long nails!

For all the animal lovers we are making a cute bear nail art. I decided to use brown color for my bear but you can use any nail polish color of your choice to draw your sweet teddy bear. Bear nail art is so easy to make only using a nail polish brush. For the eyes I, however, like to use a toothpick. With a toothpick you can achieve perfect dots easily. I like any kind of animal nail art, but this bear looks just so classic and retro! I’m in love!

Chocolate muffin anyone? Umm.. yes please! The next design I show you in this no tool nails video is a delicious cupcake nail art. A cupcake nail art is perfect for a birthday manicure, maybe just as a cute little accent on the ring finger. To achieve thin lines for the candle and on the cup, the trick is to wipe the nail polish brush really well, until there is almost no polish left on the brush. This simple nail art is perfect for nail art beginners!

Next design is a pretty butterfly nail art! I drew 3 cute little butterflies. First you need to draw butterfly’s body in brown or grey and then add beautiful wings using any color of your choice – I decided for pink, emerald and blue nail polish. In the end you also need to add a pair of antennae to each of the butterflies. You can leave them here or you can add a few dotted accents on their wings for a pretty detail.

The fourth design I show in this no tool nail art tutorial is an elegant chevron studded nail art design. I used 3 colors for my chevron nail art – pink, emerald and burgundy red. Once the elegant chevron pattern is finished you can add two studs like I did. I went for star shaped silver rhinestones. Finish off this elegant design by applying a generous amount of the fast drying top coat.

The last design in my fourth episode of the no tool nail art is a cool double color drip design. I decided to combine navy blue, white and hot pink in a bold and cool drip nail art design. After applying the base color, draw three to four drips using white polish on the tip of the nail. Connect the drips with curved lines across the tip. Then draw in pink drips on top, making sure that you keep the white edge. This design is just so awesome and bold! It would look great as an accent or on all the fingers for a fun and a bit crazy manicure.

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